Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Evaluation of The Service Team's (The Bizzy Beez) Leader April

Meet April , and no she is not a tiger, but that is her profile picture on our wiki. I decided to use it because I know that she probably would not like either of the two pictures that I had of her, and because this is how she is represented on the wiki.

When it came time for the teams to choose our team leaders, our team all just seemed to stare at each other. Then it seemed like (maybe I was just imagining it I don't know) everyone looked at me. So I made it clear that I did not want to be the leader. I am a good follower, but I am not to the leader point yet. But I was the only one that "said" that their schedule would allow them to attend the leader's meeting. So I said that I would go to that as a substitute for who ever would be the leader. It was then that April said that she would be the leader. And she did a great job! I was very happy to see her take up her leadership in being the main spokesperson for our group presentation, and I can not think of one thing that she did not do well in her position.